We support the country’s economy and help the military and people affected by the war

13 May, 2022

The war in Ukraine united Ukrainians in a common struggle against the enemy. And no matter how difficult it is, we work to support the country’s economy, we join volunteer movements. From the first days of Russia’s full-scale attack on Ukraine, Ligos has been helping the military and people affected by the war. In particular, we provided assistance to IDPs who were in the Uhornytsia Lyceum and Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas, law enforcement officers, terrorist defense and servicemen of the Armed Forces at the forefront.

We are talking about croissants, Easter cakes, flour, sugar, salt, cereals with a total value of over 800 thousand UAH. Today, our employees serve in various military units, volunteer and continue to bake the most delicious croissants.

In these difficult days, our unity, determination, tireless work of everyone in their place bring Ukraine closer to victory over the enemy.

Our defenders feel the support and unity of the whole nation, which gives them strength, optimism and fighting spirit.

Together we will defeat the aggressor! Glory to Ukraine!

13 May, 2022
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